Work Place Considerations

To reduce the potential for an emergency, or during the activation of an alarm or emergency evacuation, staff should consider the following points:

  • Know who your nominated wardens are
  • Read your organisations emergency procedures
  • Know the hazards and layout of your work area
  • Have an understanding of the location of all installed fire equipment and installed alarms
  • Know the location of all internal and external evacuation areas
  • Practice good housekeeping
  • Know the location of all emergency exits and paths of travel in your work area
  • Ensure all equipment and paths of travel are free from obstructions
  • Have an understanding of the organisations Standard Fire Orders Know the location of all hazardous material storage areas
  • Participate in Emergency Evacuation Exercises as required
  • Follow directions of all wardens and emergency services during an emergency
  • Consider your own safety and the safety of others
  • Evacuate in a safe and coordinated manner
  • Assist others during an evacuation
  • Remain at evacuation areas, ensure you have been accounted for and wait until the all-clear is given

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