Types of emergency situations that may occur

Emergencies may not occur every day; but as emergencies give no prior warning, happening without notice, staff members are required to action themselves quickly and respond to warden directives accordingly. Some of the more typical types of emergency situations that may occur in the workplace include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Fires – Internal & external
  • Gas Leaks – From faulty gas valves or gas mains
  • Electrical Hazards – From faulty electrical equipment or wiring
  • Flooding – From rain damage or broken water pipes Chemical spills/leaks – From stored hazardous materials Natural Disasters – Storms, wind or bush fires
  • Structural damage – From vehicle accidents or storm damage Bomb Threat – Designed to disrupt the facilities activities Personal Threat – From disgruntled staff or visitors
  • External Emergencies – An event externally which may impact many structures/occupants
  • First Aid / Medical / Workplace death

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