Standard Fire Orders

The following Standard Fire Orders were developed by the fire services. These orders are used as a general guide of what to do in the case of a fire and are used universally.

In order of priority, if you discover a fire:

  1. Assist anyone in immediate danger and clear people away from the immediate area (only if safe to do so)
  2. Attempt to contain the fire. For instance, shutting the door of a room that has a fire in it may prevent the fire spreading and causing damage to the rest of the dwelling; closing roller doors to a large warehouse will help contain the fire within that structure
  3. Raise the alarm: ensure that you alert people internally that you have discovered a fire, activate alarms if available and contact the emergency services (000) immediately
  4. Attack the fire (only if safe to do so); select the correct extinguisher and attempt to extinguish the fire
  5. Evacuate to the nearest external evacuation assembly area
  6. Remain at the assembly area and ensure all occupants including staff, visitors and contractors are accounted for