Site Maps/Diagrams & Utility Locations

Site maps or diagrams should be available and posted at the FIP, near exits and distributed in prominent areas throughout the facility for all staff, visitors and contractors to access. The maps/diagrams should be of a size and quality that it is easily read and understoodand and should show the location of all fire equipment, paths of travel to exits and all relevant details about the area for use by occupants during an emergency incident.

Example: All staff should be familiar with any site maps/diagrams displayed in their work area. Staff should also familiarise themselves with all exit points, paths of travel and evacuation area locations as indicated on the installed maps/diagrams.

Maps/Diagrams should include the location of the following:

  • ‘You are here’ location guide
  • Exit points and evacuation routes
  • Internal and external evacuation areas
  • Fire Extinguishers/Fire Blankets/Hose Reels
  • Evacuation Kits
  • Hazardous material storage areas
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Gas isolation valves
  • Water main valves
  • Sprinkler control valves
  • Air conditioning controls