Shelter in Place Procedure

When an incident occurs outside the school and emergency services or the Chief Warden determines the safest course of action is to keep students and staff inside a designated building in the school (as evacuation might reasonably expose people to a greater level of danger until the external event is handled), the Chief Warden on-site will take charge and activate the Emergency Management Team if necessary.

  • Call 000 for emergency services and seek and follow advice
  • Move all students, staff and visitors to the pre-determined shelter-in-place area Thorold Theatre
  • Take your emergency kit / first aid kit (including your student and staff attendance lists and a copy of this EMP)
  • Check that all students, staff and visitors are accounted for
  • Ensure communications with emergency services is maintained
  • Wait for emergency services to arrive or provide further information
  • Maintain a record of actions/decisions undertaken and times
  • Where appropriate, confirm with emergency service personnel that it is safe to return to normal operations
  • Seek advice from your organisation/auspice body if required
  • Contact parents as required.

Actions after shelter-in-place procedure

  • Ensure any students, staff or visitors with medical or other needs are supported
  • Determine whether to activate your Parent Communication process
  • Determine if there are any specific information students, staff and visitors need to know (for example Parent Communication or areas of the facility to avoid)