Response Structure/Roles and Responsibilities (the warden team)

The selected wardens or offiicers are given specific roles and responsibilities to perform during alarm activation or other emergency situations that may occur. These roles and responsibilities should be documented in the organisations emergency procedures which all staff are required to be familiar with. Prompt response by staff during an emergency can potentially save lives and minimise the effect of that emergency on the company as a whole. During an emergency incident occurring, wardens are required to be clearly identified by wearing the appropriate helmets/caps and/or vests which are colour coded to ensure the arriving emergency services can identify who is in control and to locate the chief warden.

 Warden Structure  – Mentone Grammar

  • Chief Warden: White helmet/caps and vest
  • Planning Officer
  • Operations Officer
  • Area Warden
  • Communications Officer
  • Logistics Officer
  • First Aid Officer (School Nurse)
  • Scribe

Chief Warden (identified by wearing a white helmet and vest):

The Chief Warden is in total control of the site during an emergency incident. This role coordinates the company’s response plans to an emergency and directs all other wardens and nominated staff members in their response actions and evacuation requirements. They are also required to make sure the company’s procedures are in place and there are nominated staff members in positions of wardens in all functional areas and departments.

 This role also includes but is not restricted to :

  • Reporting emergencies to the relevant emergency services
  • Establishing an emergency control point and liaising with the emergency services on their arrival
  • Deciding the evacuation requirement and evacuation locations, depending on the type of emergency that has occurred Ensuring that all injuries, people with impairments and people refusing to leave are reported
  • Ensuring the safe shut down of plant and equipment, if safe to do so Ensuring that all staff, visitors and contractors are accounted for
  • Liaising with the relevant emergency services and following their directions Providing welfare and recovery direction
  • Liaising with senior management on the emergency procedure requirements

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