Portable Fire Equipment – Fire Blanket

Fire blankets provide an addition piece of fire equipment which can be used to attack or extinguish small A & B class fires (rubbish and flammable liquids). They are ideal for oven top cooking oil and fat fires.

The fire blanket can also be used as a thermal barrier against radiant heat and to extinguish clothes that may be on fire.


  • Made from a woven fiberglass material and covered in a special fire retardant


  • Comes in a range of sizes from approximately 1m square to 1.8 m square


  • Pull blanket out of the bag by the tabs
  • Hold onto the tabs, one in each hand (covering your hands with the top of the blanket) Hold blanket up and out from your body and move towards the fire
  • Gently place over the fire to seal off any oxygen, smothering the fire (do not throw blanket)

Service and signage

  • Each fire blanket should be inspected and serviced on a regular basis according to AS1851.1. Each blanket should be clearly signposted.