Operations Officer (Area Warden)


  • Regularly check and report on deficiencies of emergency equipment and kits
  • Coordinate safety practices (for example clear egress paths, access to first attack equipment such as fire extinguishers and disposal of rubbish) by Wardens throughout their areas
  • Participate in emergency exercises/drills

During Emeregncy

  • Attend the emergency control point
  • Communicate with the Chief Warden by whatever means available and act on instructions
  • Implement the emergency response procedures relevant to the floor or area and ensure that the Chief Warden is notified
  • Direct the Logistics Officer/Wardens to check the floor or area for any abnormal situation
  • Commence evacuation if the circumstances on their floor or area warrant this
  • Control the movement of people
  • Co-opt persons as required to assist the Logistics Officer (Warden/s) during an emergency
  • Ensure that any implications for regular bus/student transport arrangements for the school or clients schools are addressed
  • Confirm that the Logistics Officer’s/Warden’s activities have been completed and report this to the Chief Warden or a senior officer of the attending emergency services if the Chief Warden is not contactable


  • Compile report of the actions taken during the emergency for the debrief