Logistics Officer (Warden)

Pre – Emergency

  • Ensure staff and students are aware of the emergency response procedures.
  • Carry out safety practices (for example, clear egress paths, access to first attack equipment, for example, fire extinguishers and disposal of rubbish).
  • Participate in emergency exercises/drills.

During Emergency

Persons selected to perform as Logistics Officer/Warden will carry out activities as set out in the emergency response procedures and as directed by the Operations Officer/Area Warden.

Activities may include the following:

  • Attend the emergency control point.
  • Operate the communication system in place.
  • Check that any fire doors and smoke doors are properly closed.
  • Close or open other doors in accordance with the emergency response procedures.
  • Search the floor or area to ensure all people have evacuated. This function is of greater importance than a later physical count of those evacuated.
  • Ensure orderly flow of people into protected area.
  • Assist occupants with disabilities.
  • Act as lead of groups moving to nominated assembly areas.
  • Report status of required activities to the Operations Officer/Area Warden on their completion.
  • Act as directed by the Chief Warden.

Post – Emergency

  • Compile report of the actions taken during the emergency for the debrief.