Lockout Procedure

When an internal immediate danger is identified and it is determined that students should be excluded from buildings for their safety the Chief Warden on-site will take charge and activate the Emergency Management Team if necessary.

  • Call 000 for emergency services and seek and follow advice.
  • Announce lock-out with instructions about what is required. Instructions may include nominating staff to:
    • lock doors to prevent entry
    • check the premises for anyone left inside
    • obtain Emergency Kit
    • Go to the designated assembly point(s) – Frogmore and Bayview oval and Bayview carpark for Aquatic Staff
    • Check that students, staff and visitors are all accounted for
  • Where appropriate, confirm with emergency service personnel that it is safe to return to normal operations.
  • Seek advice from your organisation/auspice body if required.
  • Maintain a record of actions/decisions undertaken and times.