To ensure the safety of all people onsite Mentone Grammar requires special planning to cope with and respond to internal and external emergencies that may occur. Selected staff members who work within the School are nominated as Emergency Response Wardens or the Emergency Management Team (EMT) who have the responsibility implement the Response Actions required to deal with a broad range of potential emergency incidents.

Mentone Grammar has a legal obligation to comply with emergency arrangements under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and AS3745: “Planning for Emergencies in Facilities” 2010 as well as the Education Department guidelines. More importantly, the school has a moral obligation to ensure the safety of their students, staff, visitors, and all contractors if an emergency incident were to occur. During an emergency, staff members are required to quickly take “action” and follow documented response procedures and directives from Wardens or EMT members, so to minimise the impact of the emergency on all people, the school and the environment.

This training module is designed to provide all general and Teaching Staff with the necessary knowledge of the school’s emergency procedure requirements. All staff members are also required, under Occupational Health and Safety laws, to be informed of Mentone Grammar’s emergency response arrangements and their obligation to follow Occupational Health and Safety directives during an emergency.

Emergency procedures are put in place for the safety and best interest of all students, staff, visitors, and contractors and should be complied with at all times.