General Information

All organisations must have documented plans and procedures in place to respond to emergencies, as well as staff nominated in specific roles for the purpose of coordinating the emergency response plan. This is known as the Emergency Management Team (EMT) or the Warden Emergency Response Structure. The organisation should have an emergency planning committee (often the OH&S committee) to oversee emergency management arrangements, and have documented plans and procedures for prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities. The committee should meet on a regular basis to discuss emergency preparedness and response procedures, as well as organise and participate in a practice evacuation exercise annually (at a minimum). This is to ensure all staff have an understanding of the emergency response and evacuation requirements within their area. Staff are required to focus on the safe Evacuation of students and all people and the safe Lockdown of all students and people within their areas depending on what type of emergency may occur.

This training module focuses on the response function for general staff and covers the following Information:

  • What is an emergency?
  • Legislation & Authority
  • Types of emergency situations that may occur
  • Response Structure/Roles and Responsibilities (the warden team) Actions in the event of an alarm or other emergency Standard Fire Orders
  • Installed fire detection and suppression equipment Site Maps/Plans & Evacuation Areas
  • Workplace considerations