Fire Indicator Panel

If installed, the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) or Alarm Panel is usually located in the main control room or in a prominent position, often the front foyer or reception area. The panel is connected to all fire detection and suppression equipment and will operate when any one of the devices is activated. It is fitted with an outside warning bell and is often connected to an Emergency Warning and Intercom System (EWIS) if installed. The screen on the front of the panel will indicate the alarm location or zone/circuit that has been activated.

Devices (if installed) connected to the Fire Indicator Panel:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Sprinkler system
  • Manual Call Points (Break Glass Alarms)
  • Emergency Warning and Intercom System (EWIS)
  • Operation of smoke doors
  • Air handling systems


The FIP is often the main control point where the chief warden would be positioned to coordinate or supervise staff in the emergency response and evacuation if required. It is also an ideal area to meet the emergency services on their arrival.

In an emergency, always operate a Break Glass Alarm (Manual Call Point) if available and call 000 to ensure the appropriate Emergency Service is responding.

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