Chief Warden

Pre – Emergency

  • Maintain current contact details of EMT members.
  • Conduct regular exercises / drills (one per school term).
  • Ensure the Students and Staff with Additional Needs list and Staff Trained in First Aid list are up to date (with assistance from the Risk and Compliance Manager).
  • Ensure our emergency response and recovery procedures are kept up-to-date.
  • Ensure staff on the EMT are aware of their responsibilities.

During Emergency

  • Attend the emergency control point.
  • Ascertain the nature and scope of the emergency.
  • Ensure that the emergency services have been notified.
  • Ensure the appropriate response has been actioned.

Post – Emergency

  • When the incident is rendered safe or the emergency services return control, notify the EMT members to have staff and students return to normal operations.
  • Organise debrief with the EMT and, where appropriate, with any attending emergency service.
  • Ensure recovery activities are considered and implemented as required.
  • Complete the Post Emergency Record.