Break Glass Alarms

Red Break Glass Alarms (Manual Call Points), if installed, are usually found at the FIP, near exit points, along walkways or adjacent to equipment. When operated, they are designed to instantly activate the alarm system internally; and externally notify the fire services to ensure their response. It is the quickest way to raise the alarm in the event of any emergency occurring, not just fires.

To operate the Break Glass Alarms, use two fingers or a pen to break/push the glass/heavy plastic. The alarm will immediately operate, there is no need to press any buttons. The type of glass/heavy plastic will not cut you while activating.

Note: Always back up any alarm activation during an emergency incident with a call to 000.

White Break Glass Alarm

Often White Break Glass Alarms, if installed, release security doors or exits that are normally locked with access code pads. When operated they are designed to instantly disengage the security system or lock on the exit door. The purpose of these white break glass alarms is to allow quick and easy access during an emergency incident or personal threat; where it is imperative to make an urgent exit from the area. When the Fire Indicator Panel is operated, the security doors will automatically release and stay released until the FIP is reset. This is a building code requirement to allow easy access and evacuation when the building is in alarm/emergency mode.

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